World Eats Wednesday

Another of my goals for this year is to understand how people around the world eat everyday.  Usually when we eat food from another culture, we eat their celebration food, which is yummy and fun, but not a realistic picture of how others really eat.  I am going to seek out recipes of the staple foods that people around the world eat day in and day out, and serve it on World Eats Wednesdays.  The plan is to cook it one Wednesday and blog about it the next.  For my first WEW (World Eats Wednesday), my family will be enjoying the food of India and eating Anda Kari, which is an egg curry and some homemade apricot chutney.  Our chickens are now laying average of 4 eggs a day, so this recipe will allow us to use some of those up.  Let the adventure begin!


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  1. Sarabeth

    I’ll be sure not to visit on Wednesday’s!
    How did you end up with such a picky sister??

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