Goals for 2010 and part of our healthy eating journey

Goals:  Buy and eat local food.  Grow our own.  Buy local goods.  Buy less stuff.

This year we are embarking on a new phase of an adventure we began last year.  It started as an addiction to couponing, which I still enjoy just to a lesser degree.  I discovered coupon blogs and the thrill of seeking out good deals.  This lead to reading other blogs about striving to be a godly mother and wife, and steward of the resources God has blessed us with.  I began reading Keepers of the Home everyday, and now also enjoy reading Heavenly Homemakers daily as well.  At the same time, my younger sister was taking a lot of food justice classes in college and we were having a lot of discussions about many food and resource related issues.  I began to realize that instead of being such a passive, deal driven consumer, it was time to be an active, nutrition driven one.  I wanted to know more about my food and how it got to my table.  I also realized that how I spend our grocery money has an impact on many people, and I need to choose wisely what my money spending habits say about my values.

We attempted a garden last year, but since our third child was born in June, it kind of fell by the wayside.  I found sources for local organic vegetables and began reading voraciously about how to prepare them.  A few early influential books were “Nourishing Traditions” and “More with Less”.  “Nourishing Traditions” led me to seek out food that was as minimally processed as possible.  “More with Less” encouraged me to eat as a world citizen, and consume responsibly.  I also read “Crazy Love”, which really pushed me to think about many things, some of which were how much I consume and how much I share with others in need.

This past fall was a time of experimenting, making yogurt, sourdough bread, cooking with whole chickens, and enjoying an ever increasing array of vegetables.  All of this experimenting led to a lot of discussions about food issues around the dinner table.  I am blessed to have a husband with a spirit of adventure, and two eating children who are not picky.  My oldest, Art, will ask for hummus and carrots for snack, enjoys mousaka, and loves fajitas piled high with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa.  We are enjoying our eating adventures, and look forward to where they take us next and the lessons we are learning on the way.



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2 responses to “Goals for 2010 and part of our healthy eating journey

  1. Willene

    Go girl! Your great-grandparents would be proud of you! This is the way they lived and also the way your mountain grandparents lived. You are encouraging me to look at my buying and eating habits more thoughtfully.

  2. rebeccalagnew

    Hey Kat, looks like you were destined to be in that house. Here are some awesome links on urban homesteading.

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